Inexpensive Way to Avoid Litigation
Safety Labels!

One of the ways to manage a mindset of “best practices” and/or proper “standard of care” is to have a comprehensive understanding on the importance of placing safety labels on all playground equipment.

“Failure to warn” is the basis of many lawsuits, and can prevent playground injuries. Many owner/operators fail to understand the importance of placing safety/warning labels on their playgrounds. Not having the safety labels is considered negligence.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tell us which safety/warning labels are required and which ones are recommended. It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to have the labels affixed to the playground equipment for display and replace them when necessary. The required ASTM and CPSC labels are available for purchase on our website.

Existing labels must be durable and legible. It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to replace the labels if they should be vandalized or become illegible.

Strangulation - az playground safetyRemoval of helmets, draw strings, or accessories around the neck (Required)
Young children can be seriously injured or killed if the upper outerwear they are wearing catches and snags on other objects. CPSC staff is aware of 18 deaths and 38 non-fatal incidents associated with neck/hood drawstrings on children’s outerwear between January 1985 and September 2009 involving children 18 months to 10 years of age.

Adult-Supervision-az playground safetySupervision recommendation (Required)

When schools and child care centers off opportunities for children to play on equipment, they have a duty to provide a safe environment.

Strong emphasis is places on proper supervision. Playgrounds that are designed , installed, and maintained in accordance with safety guidelines and standards can still present hazards to children in the absence of adequate supervision.

Hot Surface warning - az playground safetyHot Play Surfaces (Required)
The CPSC wants you to be aware of the risk of thermal burns from playground equipment. You may remember the metal slides of your youth and how they could get very hot in the summer sun. But what you may not realize is that today’s newer materials, could get very hot in the summer sun. Today’s newer materials, such as plastics and rubbers, also have the potential to become hot enough to burn a child’s skin.

Age Appropriate Labels (Required):

Having signs with appropriate age of users is especially important as it will assist caregivers to direct children to equipment appropriate for their age. The use of play equipment inappropriate for a child’s age has been identified as one of the leading causes of playground accidents. These labels my also assist owners in case of litigation resulting from inappropriate use of equipment due to age on playgrounds that are clearly signed for age appropriate use.

ages-6-23-lages-2-5-az playground safteyages-2-12-az playground safetyages-5-12-az playground safety